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With the weather this morning and the condition of Heroes field we will not be able to work on Heroes field this morning. Thank you to everyone who offered to help out this morning and we will send follow up communication if we reschedule.

As far as tryouts, we are still figuring out options for tryouts and will send follow up communication later this morning.


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Heroes Field is need of some help on some renovations to their bleachers. They have all the materials, and need some guys and tools to help put in the new wooden bleachers. This is a GREAT opportunity for our league to show our appreciation for using such a nice field. Our plan is to get a group of guys ~10 – 15 to show up at the field at 9:00am before our tyrouts to help the Legion program get this work completed. Please fill out this short form if you would be able to lend a hand.

Additionally if you have the below tools, please feel free to bring them with you.

- Cordless Drill with a 7/16 socket
- 7/16 and a few other similar sized wrenches
- Skill saw or miter saw
- Tape Measure

*Donuts and Pizza will be provided to those who volunteer.

Please follow the link to signup to help out this Saturday…


This year we will be holding our tryouts at Heroes Park on Sunday April 15th. New players are asked to arrive at 1:30pm with drills beginning at 2:00. Existing players are welcome to come as we will be holding a scrimmage after the draft has been completed.

2017 Schedule Feedback Request

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With the addition of a 6th team, the league is put into a position we need to evaluate how to schedule the additional number of games for the upcoming season. 2 options are up for consideration and we are looking towards the players in the league to help with deciding which option to go with. Based off of the feedback from this survey the board will make a decision for the upcoming year. The differences between each format are listed below, with links to what each format could look like. There are several factors that go into determining the schedules that could impact either format. Please review each schedule and provide your feedback for which one you would prefer.


17 Game Season:
- Better chance of reserving field locations
- More night games at Heroes (Because of decreased cost for umpires)
- Rainouts will be able to be reschedule virtually any Saturday throughout the Summer.
- Less # of game commitment per week. (At most 2 games a week. 1 weekend game/1 week night game)
- More off days for pitchers
- Gives team’s a better chance at spreading pitching and have a arms available for relief
- Won’t play every team the same number of games.
– Structure will be previous season rankings 1st, 2nd, 3rd will play each other 4 times, and 4th, 5th 6th will play each other 4 times.
- Reduces the total number of games for the regular season.

17 Game Season Example:
(*Note, “Team 1” in this scenario would be Livingston and the Saturday Games would be in Livingston.)

20 Game Season:
- Final rankings will be even (every team plays each other the same amount of games).
- Reserved Days for makeup games
- Additional Team Fee costs to cover additional games.

20 Game Season Example:



It is with great excitement that the GVMABL is officially announcing a 6th team to the 2017 season. The new team will be called the Coyotes and will be managed by Adrian. This will be a great addition to GVMABL and will allow for expanding the league to new players, increased diversity on the number of teams each team plays throughout the year, and added competition throughout the regular season and into the postseason. There will be a some needed changes that will have to occur to adding an additional team to the regular season and postseason schedule. This is currently being worked out and more information will come in the near future. The board is currently reviewing different options and will be looking for feedback from current players on deciding what directions to go. This feedback will be sent out in the next couple of weeks.

Additionally, it is worth noting that we will not be adjusting the format of the postseason and as of now we are still planning on hosting a double elimination tournament. This does include additional games and looking at making adjustments to not only accommodate the additional games, but also help alleviate some of the burden with having to play back-to-back games.

2017 will be an exciting year for the league.