2011 rules/updates changes

Posted by Jeremy Docken on May 31 2011 at 03:39PM PDT in 2011 Season

Below are changes made to the upcoming 2011 season.

#1. Player Fees – All player fees are due before their teams first game. The league fees are still $160 as with years past. However, if a person is unable to pay the league fees by their first game they will not be allowed to play. There will be board members at the opening weekend to take league fees and assist with player following the new process that the NABA has put in place for signing player contracts.

The reasoning behind the forcing league fees so early as in years past, is because of the upfront costs that is needed in order to get each season off and running. Your league fees goes towards NABA fees, insurance, balls/equipment, field use, and umpire costs.

This year we are focusing on managing all the cost that the league has during the year and in order to properly budget for these cost we need to know what we have to work with as soon as possible. Also, we are trying not to push out the costs that are required from the NABA as little as possible and in order to make our payments to them while still having enough budget to pay for other expenses we need to have each player pay their dues as soon as possible.

Thank you for your cooperation in this matter.

#2. Double Headers – All teams that have double headers will play two 7 inning games. The reasoning for changing this from years past is because of teams lack of pitchers. Instead of leaving it up to the individual teams and then having those teams feel pressured to play 2 full individual games and have to force guys to pitch more then their arms are able to. We felt that it would be better to change this rule.

#3. Start Times – To insure that all games start at their appropriate time and not get delayed to long. The first pitch for each game will start no latter then 15 mins after their scheduled start time. If a team is not able to field a team at this time they will be forced to forfeit. All umps will be aware of this change before each game. The reasoning behind this is because there have been many complaints in the past about games getting pushed back because a team is waiting on players to show up. We as a board understand that people have lives outside of baseball and it is very difficult to schedule around games when games get pushed back because of this reason.

#4. Game schedule – this year we wanted to focus on giving everyone in the league as many weekends free as possible to allow for other activities outside of baseball. As a broad we understand that players are very busy during the summer months and it is hard to make every game when you play every single sat and sun. With this in mind we have made several changes to how the schedule is made.

  • Each team will play a weekday game under the lights at Medina field. When each team plays this game they will not play at all that following weekend.
    With the exclusion of the first 2 weekends if a team has a double header scheduled it will not be until Sunday and they will have that Sat. off.
  • There are 2 weekends this season in which there will not be any games on Sat and instead there will be 4 7 inning games played on Sunday and if need be we will be able to turn on the lights
  • With the exclusion of the first 2 weekends there will not be any games played until 1:00pm on Sat.
  1. League Updates/Notifications – to assist in better communication throughout the league. Any and all notifications will update to the League Update link on the left hand tool bar. This page will contain all of the notifications that happen throughout the course of the year. Also, at the bottom of the homepage the latest notifications will be shown their as well for an extended period of time.

Directions to view the article of the notifications.

From the homepage.

  • Scroll down to the bottom of the homepage.
  • There you will find the article Headline and a teaser of the article.
  • To view the full article click on the article’s headline.
  • You will then be redirected to a new page with the full article.

From the League Updates page.

  • The League Updates page will contain every article update with the Headline and a teaser sentence, for the entire year.
  • To view the entire post click on the article’s headline.
  • You will then be redirected to a new page with the full article.

If you have any questions, comments and/or concerns with any of these changes, please feel free to contact any of the board members and we will try to assist as best as we can. To view each board members contact information go to the Board Members/Coaches link located on the the left hand navigation bar.

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