Postseason Player Eligibility Proposed Rule Change

Posted by Montana Adult Baseball League on Apr 11 2019 at 07:37PM PDT

Attention players and coaches,

Review the proposed rule change for postseason eligibility,

A Player must be either registered OR paid at least one month prior to postseason play to be eligible to pitch in the postseason. Position players may be rostered until postseason play begins subject to approval from League President. Players may not play for multiple teams during Postseason play, and may only play for their respective team. If a Team uses any ineligible Player during postseason play, the opposing team may play under protest and submit a review of said team’s Roster to the Executive Director. The Board will review the potential violation and if that team is found in violation will forfeit that game regardless of the final score.

Anyone with suggestions or vetoes to the proposed rule change should contact League President, Jeremy Docken at or (605) 261-5758. Suggestions will be reviewed by the board and voted on again by Team Representatives and Board Members.


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